What Type Of Locking Mechanism Is Used In SOG Folding Knives And How Does It Work?

SOG, also known as Special Operations Force, is a well-known knife manufacturer that specializes in extremely tactical knives. Many of their products are sold online as well as in fine knife stores and online auctions.

SOG foldable knives have become very popular due to their simple yet effective locking mechanism. The slide-block type mechanism used is similar to that used on credit card magnetic cards, except these are made of hard plastic instead of thin metal.

When the user presses the blade against the slide-block, it rotates clockwise until it clicks into place. This process takes a few seconds to start working, so be sure to keep your attention on it!

This mechanism does not work if the blade is being carried in its nonfolding state, which is why we discuss this type of knife here.

Helps to stabilize the blade

When the user locks the knife into place, it helps to stabilize the blade. This allows the user to use their own muscles to open and close the knife.

This also helps to prevent accidental openings, since you have to work your blade down before adding another material. This does not stop loss of that blade when it is opened, however.

Using a steel like carbon will help to harden the steel making it less likely to get soft when opening and closing the knife. Carbon also helps to retain heat well, keeping your food or ingredients warm for some time.

When buying a folding knife, you should be aware of what type of locking mechanism is used. There are two types of locking mechanisms used in folding knives: ball-bearing or spring-loaded.

Provides a quick opening action

Most folding knives have a spring-loaded button that you can push in or pull out to provide a quick opening action. When you press the button in, it locks the knife into its open position. You can then close the knife by pressing the opposite edge of the button and continuing to move the knife.

This action is helpful when you need to quickly close your knife while it is in its extended position. You can also do this while mounted on a belt or assailant removed your grip. It provides some safety against an attack if they cannot open your knife quickly!

Some folding knives have a wheel on the back that you can turn to give more leg room for your hand when closing. This allows you to more easily obtain a positive closure method on yourself.

Limited lifetime warranty

Most manufacturers of folding knives have a limited lifetime warranty that covers the knife’s material and manufacturing integrity. This warranty does not cover damage from misuse or abuse.

Folding knives are a hard tool to evaluate for this reason. You can purchase a very sharp, high-quality knife, but it will not last if it is not used carefully.

Even the finest folding knife can get slight wear and tear from use. When this happens, you need to look into replacing it or getting another type. Many companies offer trade-ins if you have an older model that needs an upgrade!

Since these types of weapons are easy to lose or forget about, having a limited lifetime warranty is important.

Easy to clean

Most SOG folding knives have a standard black grip with a white lettering pattern. This makes it easy to see if you have the proper tool for the job.

The standard size of these tools is around 6-8 inches in length and has one or two finger holes at the end. These holes are used to attach your knife to something, like a wrist or ankle. This way, if you need to remove your knife, you can!

Most people who use knives usually don’t take care of them.

Comes with a rubber grip for handle comfort

The rubber grip helps prevent the knife from slipping out of the sheath. This is important, because if you were to cut something very hard, it would probably fall out!

The SOG folding knife has a unique locking mechanism. It works by sticking a piece of paper inside of the sheath and turning it upside down! When the knife is drawn, the paper flips up and away from the knife, locking it in place.

This mechanism works fairly well, though it does break under heavy use.

Available in different styles

SOG folding knives are some of the most popular tactical folding knives on the market. They come in a range of styles and materials, all providing you with a different look and feel to your knife.

Some of these styles include: The classic drop-point; the kick-butt filet mignon; the slimline par fryer; and the chic record player. Each of these have their own unique look and feel to them.

Typically, these style features are hidden by a plain white or black handle, but if you looked hard enough, you would probably find them!

These locks allow you to lock your knife into place when not in use. They can also prevent accidental unlockings while using a case or bag in which the knife is placed.

Can be used for many different applications

The Three Most Common Types of Locking Mechanism are thumb studs, thumb turners, and winged Turning Actions. These can make a difference in how your knife performs and what applications you can use it for.

The thumb stud locking mechanism is one of the more commonly used mechanisms. It is typically found on larger sized folding knives with very long, thin blades. The downside to this type of locking mechanism is that it requires more force to close the knife!

The downside to this type of locking mechanism is that it requires more force to close the knife! Due to the long distance between the fingers and hands when using a thumb turner, some knives may not be properly locked when in use. This can result in an accidental cut or lock wrong!

The winged action turning action locking mechanism was created for pocket knives.

Lightweight construction makes it easy to carry around

Most folding knives have a locking mechanism that requires you to hold it closed when open. This prevents the knife from opening up while in use.

The standard for these mechanisms is a spring-loaded arm that You must press it in and hold it there for a second before the blade can come out. This method requires more effort than just pull it out and walk away, which is why some people do not like this method.

Some mechanisms require you to press a button on the handle, whereas others require you to tilt the blade down so that a spring-loaded arm comes up.



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