What Is A Clip Point Folding Knife?

As the name suggests, clip point folding knives have a point at the tip of the blade. This points away from the user toward an edge effect.

This effect makes it feel like you are holding a paper clip or blade with a slight curve to it. When you press yourblade against your target, you will hear a soft snap!

This is what makes it feel nice in your hand. The slide of theblade against the plastic housing is what makes knifemake contact with your target. This is what puts into context that this knife is high quality.

Knife enthusiasts use clip point knives for all kinds of things. Some use them as tacticals for lillian links or hunting uses such ascarried behind the vehicle for survival situations.

Examples of clip point folding knives

A clip point knife has a relatively high blade-side concave area that creates a clip point shape to the knife. This creates more space for the blade to sit in when folding, creating a more stable and efficient fold.

Clip point knives are also referred to as Swiss-style knives, due to their unique design. Most fall into the between-the-blade and outside-the-blade categories, making them good candidates for most tasks.

Outside of the blade is the handle, which can be wood or fiberglass composited, acidified synthetic fiber, or bone. These materials are used in crafting products such as scrimshaw or papercutting tools.

Folding can be easy and quick with a clip point knife! By simple shift of the wrist and release of pressure, it can fold into an upside down S shape.

Why choose a clip point folding knife?

Why choose a clip point folding knife? What makes a good clip point knife? Par for the blade is straightness. A clip point knife has a slight curve to the blade, making it slightly thicker at the end. This makes it more capable of holding an extended position in your hand while you cut.

Clip points have historically been used by armed forces due to their longer reach. They are also popular among chefs as they can be opened and closed quickly.

The curve also makes it easier to affix a blade-guard or handle-displaying material such as paper or plastic. This is important when using aknife outside- in season or during summertime use.

Look for these features

When looking for a folding knife, there are some key features that you should look for. Some of these can be found in all of the clip point fold knives!

The length of the knife is an important feature to look for. You want a long, sharp, and sturdy blade to keep your cutting strong. A short, flimsy blade may result in poor cut quality and possibly safety issues such as exposed nerves or open fractures.

The width of the blade is another important feature to look for. A wide blade may result in more slicing capabilities versus the length of the blade. If a wide blade does not fit securely in your hand, it may be painful or difficult to control.

Lastly, find a knife that you feel comfortable using every day. Many people get disappointment when they find a knife they use every day but does not hold up to heavy use.

What should I look for in a quality clip point folding knife?

When it comes to choosing a clip point folding knife, there are several key elements that you should consider. In this article, we will address these points and tell you what to look for in a clip point knife.


When it comes to choosing a folding knife, the size also plays a huge role. There are large-size knives and compact knives, both of which should be taken into account when looking for your next knife.

Large-sized knives can be difficult to store and carry due to their size. Due to its long length, the user has to be extra careful about putting it down or losing it. Compact knives can be very handy when needed immediately.

They can be stored anywhere, like in the boot or pocket where they must be ready in case of an emergency.

Is this the right knife for me?

While most people think of the phrase close-range attack tool when referring to a folding knife, it does not mean that it is the best knife for close-range attack purposes.

Rather, this phrase refers to a feature that makes the blade very stable and easy to carry, making it ideal for close-range fighting or stealthy assassination. This feature is the clip point fold of the blade.

This feature makes the spine of the knife extend into a rounded tip, which becomes the active part of the knife when closed. When opened, this tip becomes a hollow dead point where you can fire your knife with one hand while holding another object in your other arm with your other hand.

What are the drawbacks of a clip point folding knife?

As the name suggests, a clip point point is a very sharp point at which the knife’s blade is fold-ed or locked into place.

A clip point’s length also ensures that it will not be wrenched out of your hand as you chop or stab, giving you more time to finish what you are folding or stabbing.

Unfortunately, this comes at a cost: more effort to fold and extend the knife, and more effort to remove the blade when done with it.

As described earlier, most folding knives are fixed width at roughly 5 inches in length.

How do I take care of my clip point folding knife?

Taking care of a folding knife is similar to that of a non-folding knife. You must wash your knife regularly to prevent the coating on the blade rusts or wears off.

Because the blade is made out of steel, it should be put through a course of dry cleaning or by having it cleaned by someone familiar with knife care. Having it cleaned by a professional Knife Owner and Operator is best as they know how to make sure the blade is always dry when used.

Then, you must oil your knife to prevent hardening and dropping off when using it. Having the oiled knife taken care of weekly or every other week will keep it functioning properly.

Lastly, you must store your knife correctly. For example, if you have an edged weapon that is worth protection, then store them in its sheathe or storage container with the back exposed so that you can pull it out if needed.

Are there any special methods when it comes to opening and using my clip point folding knife?

When it comes to opening your knife, the first step is to figure out if the blade is clip point or plain.

Clip point knives have a small sharpened tip at the front that becomes thicker as the knife is folded back. This increases the grip area of the knife.

The back of the knife has a soft, flexible lining that assists in maintaining a firm grip on the blade and preventing it from being knocked off during use. Both features are crucial when using a knife as opposed to just throwing it open and expecting results.

To find out if your knife has clip point or plain style, look for slight indentations on each side of the blade.



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