What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Having An Everyday Carry Knife With Multiple Functions Or Tools Attached?

Everyday carry knife has become very popular as of late. It provides added convenience and access to several tools or functions. Many users love the way it is simple to use every tool attached to the knife!

There are many reasons to have an everyday carry knife. Some users find them more convenient than other knives in regards to size and form. For example, a small fixed-bladeknife can be cumbersome to put away and take out when needed.

A small serrated knife can be difficult to put away when fully tucked into the sheath due to its quick nature of access. A pocketknife can be tricky to use when trying to keep a balance on how tight the grip is on the knife.

Having only one blade type does not mean that your knife is not functional. There are many examples of everyday carry knives with multiple blades and forms.


Having a knife with multiple functions or tools attached is a fun way to enjoy blade ownership. It can be the start of more fun knife owning experiences as you learn how to use them and combine them into your own sets.

Many people find the ability to pair a paring knife with a pocketknife or organizer wallet handy. You can quickly switch up the function of the knife to add new features or enhance your daily routine.

As you learn how to use your new everyday carry blade, you will earn some nice compliments from friends and family members. When they see how easy it is to use, they will feel more confident in using it themselves. Plus, having a second blade for emergency situations is helpful.


Having a tool or function-ready knife with you at all times is a good way to keep yourself and the people you are working with or playing with proficient in the field of utility knives.

Many professionals use utility knives at work, as well as personal possessions. A work pants pocket knife, a nonsurgical blade for minor surgery purposes, a kitchen knife for preparing food, and a gardening tool are some examples.

The non-climbing side of an everyday carry knife can be useful for staying organized in the kitchen or around the house. If you need to repair something or sharpen an instrument, an ordinary household blade can do the job!

A function-readyknife can be used for many things besides just having a regular backup blade. You can make a game-changing survival tool, take it into your home defense setup, etc.

Easy to carry

One of the greatest things about having an everyday carry knife with multiple functions or tools attached is that you can easy to carry a set of tools that are important to you.

Many people find that having one versatile knife in your collection that includes different sizes and types of knives is helpful. You can easily clip in your cell phone or computer to access a tool set that includes a phone tracker, travel cordable, sharpenber, and food processor all connected together in one unit.

Another benefit to having this setup is that you can do quick quick changes between these tools. When you add in the fact that many people have this type of knife but does not include any kind of carabiner, it makes it easy to switch out some tools when needed.


Knowing how to use a knife is an important part of practicing safety whenever working with tools. A properly used knife can be confidence inspiring!

At the core of any knife’s design is its blade. Every blade has a unique shape and function, from cutting to lock-away. Many professionals choose utility knives for their versatility and ease of use, while others prefer fixed-blade knives for their versatility and better hygiene properties.

For instance, a chef’s knife can be used for many things, like cutting foods, frying, and sliceing. A paring knife can be used to remove small objects from projects, like fruits or vegetables. A surgical blade can be helpful when performing certain procedures, like taking apart splinters or cleaning up afterwards.

Easy to use

Most everyday carry knives do not have a tool or function attached to the blade. This can make it easy to forget about the blade and use the tool instead. Due to this feature being attached, you can use it for precision cutting, opening boxes, etc.

When using a precision tool such as a scissors or comb, the added weight of the knife can make it stronger than an ordinary everyday carry knife. This is not the case with these tools!

Bamboo cutters and others that require a thicker blade may be hard to store. If you do not want to lose this extra thickness, then there are ways to attach additional blades or tools to the knife.

Generally, less expensive knives may not have very durable blades. More expensive knives may have quality steel but no added protection. Therefore, when you need to use the knife for heavy duty cutting, they may be unable to apply any protection because of the cheaper steel.

No need for multiple knives

Having a choice of tools or functions on your everyday carry knife can make things easier and more fun to use. It can also give you a chance to try out different knives in the shop or with the rest of your collection.

Most knife owners feel that having at least a pocket knife, utility knife, and/or a fileer’s knife is sufficient. However, there are some who prefer one or more of the following additional knives: A woodworking blade; A BBQ grill tool; A sharpening steel; An artisan-quality blade; etc.

Having these additional knives on hand can be useful in some instances. For example, if you had an angle grinder at home, you could easily carry this tool on your everyday carry knife to help with some projects. Or if you have an angle-grinder but no other tool, you could easily attach this onto your current one to have another function on hand.

In this article, I will discuss some of the benefits of having an everyday carry Knife with multiple functions or tools attached.

Quick fixes around the house

Having a knife with you at all times is a good way to keep yourself ready for any situation. Many people find that having a small, everyday carry knife with a blade of varying lengths and a sharpener is an effective way to train as a self-defense fighter.

Training the subconscious is half the battle against an attacker, and knowing how to defend yourself is part of that learning. By carrying a small, portable knife with you at all times, you can start practicing self-defense without taking out an expensive model.

It is also important to have additional knives on hand in case the first one needs to be removed or altered. Having several small, easy to carry knives available means you will always have one or two on hand to replace the other if needed.

These can be stored in your pocket or bag, making them very accessible at all times.

Perfect for EDC use

Having an everyday carry knife with multiple functions can save you time and frustration in the long run. It is a great way to familiarize yourself with the tool set that comes with your knife.

By having additional blades and stones attached, you can use your everyday carry knife as a pocketknife, filleting tool, cutting board cover, etc. You will never run out of things to do with your knife!

This is true even before you start using them. Having the tools attached helps save you time in the future. When you start using them, you will realize how useful they are.

You will also learn some new things to do with your knife because of the added tools.



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