Understanding Blade Grinds: How Spyderco Folding Knives Offer An Exceptional Multi-Purpose Edge

Folding knives are becoming more and more popular as consumers continue to learn about how to use them. There are many ways to use a folding knife, and many different places to display them. This visibility makes folding knives an ever-present fixture in the tech-savvy life.

Many modern folders choose the same length blade, between four and six inches. Some choose a thick blade, up to nine inches in length. The length of the blade is not important when looking at the knife as a whole.

The length of the blade is what angle it angles at while folding, called its tip angle. If the user has a shortTipAngle, then their knife would have a short top edge and long bottom edge, which would affect how the knife folds. Short top edges can cause difficulty in opening and closing the knife, which must be taken into account.

Understanding the blade grind geometry

The term blade grind geometry describes the convex and concave sides of a folding knife’s blade. When a knife has a higher proportion of its blade that is diamond-shaped, it offers more potential for dramatic edge retention and rock-climbing-inspired maneuvers.

Because these edges are less round, they can be more ruggedly curved. Some users prefer this as it feels more personal and secure. Additionally, some users find that a less rounded edge can help prevent cuttings and other sharp objects from sticking to the knife during use.

Barberpole folding knives have a very long, broad, flat side of the blade that is parallel to the handle. These blades are very long, which can offer valuable space to maneuver in tight spaces.

Spyderco offers a wide variety of blade grinds

When looking into Spyderco folding knives, you will see that there are many different blade shapes and lengths. This is due to the fact that Spyderco acquired several knife factories in the past and subsequently introduced a variety of styles into their knives.

These styles include military-inspired, classic, utility, and everyday applications. Each has its own specific purpose when it comes to folding knives and ownership. The difference between them is the size and shape of the blade, how hard the steel is made, and what materials they are constructed with.

The most common size of folding knife is between 6-8 inches in length with a 3-4 inch blade. These can be hand or machine folded without problem, which is why they are so versatile.

What purpose does each serve?

Spyderco knives are known for their fine, sharp edge. This is what makes the Spyderco thee-for and ten-for. These knives can be used for everything from cutting fruit to skinning a large animal.

However, Spydercos are not the only paper-mache blades out there. There are many others made by companies such as Nomaaka, Zombie J Workouts, and Blade Tech. These flat-blade knives offer a different style of blade deployment than classic Spydercos do.

Compound edge angles

The compound edge angle, or how far the cutting edge is extended beyond the rest of the blade, makes a huge impact on your knives’ performance.

Most knives have a standard length of blade that is called the spine of the blade. This spine is what initiate all of your cuts.

If you have ever taken a knife training class, then you know that there are different standards of practice for knives. Some people take their knives to a sharpening station and just throw them in and let them fight it out. Others take their knives to a class and demonstrate how they handle them and what they should be doing with them.

In the former method, You are focusing on your hand-eye coordination and overall knife skills. In the latter, You are focusing on proper techniques for taking care of your knife, setting up and ending each cut safely, and practicing safety measures such as keeping an eye on your knife when working.

What purpose does each serve?

Most people think of a knife as being either a killing tool or a gardening tool. However, the right folding knife can be used for both!

The killing tool is the long, thin blade that makes snipping away at your foe extremely enjoyable. The smaller gardening tools like the Leaf Blazer or handyman’s tool like the Spyderco Paramour offer exceptional quality and value.

Both the killing tool and small engineering tools have their own unique purpose of cutting,crafting, and gripping. So, it is not just the blade size that makes a different knife. It is how the user uses it!

Some users prefer one style of folding knife while other users need a different one to meet their needs. Dropping what they use and needing a different model to meet their needs is what gives them an opportunity to find what they want in an edge personal property.

Which is best?

The answer is: both! Alliko folding knives offer you multiple uses, including edge maintenance, preparation, and cutting.

Some users prefer one over the other for specific tasks. For example, some people prefer a serrated edge for hunting and stomps out any attempt at registration or bladesmithing.

For others, the reverse is true. A pointy blade will not work well for Architecture or Engineering purposes, but can be very useful in the kitchen with its precision and sharpness.

We will not cover all of these points in length here, but instead focus on which ones are most important for users to know.

Final word

Having the right Spyderco knife for any application is knowing how to use them. If you do not have the proper technique for your blade, then you should avoid using this knife at all. It is very easy to open a package, cut something, and be happy with your purchase.

While Spyderco folding knives are known for their utility, they are also beautiful knives. If you do not want a plain-looking knife, buy one that has unique patterns or that is made of some kind of high-quality materials. They will last you a long time and display well.

Spydercos are known for being pretty on people because of their strong colors.


Folding knives are becoming more popular every day. While they were once the exclusive tool of knife enthusiasts, people are now discovering their use for folding knives is not just limited to open-handed combat.

They offer versatile tools that can be used for everything from cutting and sampling food to rolling up some fresh produce to enjoy as you eat your meal. Even the smallest of folding knives is capable of doing some damage!

Many enthusiasts choose the right amount of steel for their knife by how much work they want to put into it. Some choose a mild steel for their first foldable, while others opt for a high carbon steel to create a stronger edge.



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