Choosing The Perfect Flat Grind Folding Knife For Your Needs

Folding knives are a very popular tool category in homes and offices around the world. They can be used for many practical tasks, including self-defense. Because they can be folded into a pocket or handbag, it is very easy to transport the knife at all times.

This versatility is what makes folding knives so popular. There are hundreds of styles and colors to choose from, making it a very versatile tool. Many people add an edge to their knives by using a semi-sharpening system such as a Rilakkah Knife Sharpener or by investing in a good flat top blade sharpener.

There are two main types of folding knives: straight-blade ones and clip-knife ones. A clip knife has only one blade that attaches to its handle, whereas an edge style knife has two separate blades that combine to make one long sword looking piece.

Thickness of the blade

When choosing a folding knife, there are several things to consider. First, how thick the blade is going to be? In some cases, this can mean the difference between life and death.

In some instances, a thinner blade might be more appropriate. Some folding knives have a half-inch thick blade and are suitable for close-range self-defense. In that case, a thicker blade might not be necessary!

Another question that comes up is what type of cutting style you want to use with the knife. Some people like to hollow-grind their knives, while others prefer serration or shark teeth style blades.

Flat grind vs. double grind

between double and flat grind knives, there are some important differences. Double grind knives have a deeper concave center of the blade, allowing for more metal to pass through the spine.

double grind knives are more expensive and require more training to use effectively. This can be problematic if you do not have that training or experience using knives.

flat grind knives do not have a curve or change in thickness at the back of the knife where some people struggle with getting their fingers involved. However, these blades can still be very sharp which can be problematic if you do not want to take precautions.

between a double and flat grind knife there is one key difference that affects how the knife is used: thickness of the blade. Both refer to the length of the blade, but one has a thicker one which does not extend past the tip of the grip and onto something else.

Handle length

When choosing a folding knife, the length of the handle you have to have (both in total and in terms of thumb placement) can make a difference. This is why you should consider buying a short or long blade.

Short handle knives can sometimes be hard to get a good grip on due to the length of the fingerboard. This requires some strategy or holding method to achieve this. Some people prefer this longer grip because it feels more stable or secure.

A long blade may feel heavy when holding, especially if you are trying to fold it or carry it. This can be an issue if you are looking for a light weight folding knife that is durable.

Barely folded, a short blade knife can look imposing and strong because of its length. Because of this, some people may prefer one over another based on their personal preference.

Handle material

If you are looking into a folding knife for martial arts, vertical grip potential will be the strongest asset you have to choose an appropriate handle material.

In order to use a vertical grip, you must place your hand on the grip at an angle. This requires some kind of handle material to protect the skin under the palm of your hand. Depending on the brand, these materials may be natural or synthetic.

If you are more into blade handling than cutting, then metal is your best bet. Some materials do not hold heat well, causing your knife to lose its sharpness quickly.

Locking mechanism

There are two ways to open a folding knife: by using a ball-type mechanism or by using a slide-type mechanism. Both methods have their own pros and cons.

The ball-type mechanism is more secure and harder to open accidentally. The slide-type mechanism is faster to open but may require more force to hold until needed.

When choosing which one suits you best, there are several reasons you should consider.

Price point

While not expensive, a good folding knife can mean the difference between life and swiss cheese! As we mentioned earlier, the more costly the knife, the more steel material it has.

Folding knives also have different sizes to choose from. These include small, medium, and large versions of the same knife. These differ in how far down the blade isOpposed to shorter knives, which only have a round bladeopposed to a serration bladewhich has a sharpened edgeopposed to non-folding bladesome have detents for secure fitand these differences can make them difficult to find.

Non-folding blades are hard to label as utility knives because they do not stand for something. They do not make any kind of statement that you are an advanced user! All of these things are important when choosing your next knife.



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